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Where Does His Campaign Says It’s Suing, and Why? – NBC Los Angeles


President Donald Trump’s campaign on Wednesday announced new lawsuits in the swing states of Pennsylvania and Michigan while demanding a “recount” in Wisconsin as the presidential races comes down to a handful of key states.

Trump, speaking from the White House around 2:30 a.m. ET Wednesday, made it clear he’d fight in court to aid his re-election, falsely claiming he had already won though no winner had been declared and while millions of ballots were still being counted.

By that time, Republicans had already filed two suits in Pennsylvania and the Trump campaign had already lost most of an emergency appeal in Nevada. The campaign has since announced another suit in Michigan and additional suits in Pennsylvania, two states where the races are too close to call, according to NBC News.

Lawyers for the president are also asking to let him intervene in the existing Supreme Court case challenging the extension of mail ballot deadlines in Pennsylvania. The justices issued a split 4-4 ruling in that case last month, effectively upholding a state court ruling that ballots received three days after the election could be counted. The Supreme Court is unlikely to act on this request immediately.

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