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Trump holds electoral vote in northern Maine

Andy Blatchford –

President Donald Trump held Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, snagging an electoral vote from the blue state for the second time after out-running Joe Biden in the heavily white, working-class northern half of Maine.

Maine is one of two states, along with Nebraska, that allocate an electoral vote to the winner of each congressional district, along with two to the statewide popular vote winner. Trump easily won the 2nd District in 2016, beating Hillary Clinton by 10 percentage points in the vast region known for its thick woodlands, rugged coastlines and smaller towns.

It was the first time Maine had ever split its electoral votes, with the state and the more liberal 1st District going for Clinton. Until then, Democratic presidential candidates had carried the 2nd District for a quarter-century. Former President Barack Obama won it by 9 percentage points in 2012.

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